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The Atomic Ways

Are you a web agency? Private company? we will help you update your website gradually. Tell us what you need, we will do it

Why is Atomic?

Maybe you will ask why we mention atomic on our personal website. On the website, many people don’t pay much attention to the small details of the website. Like the atomic elements are very small and form an object that will become giant, that’s the website.

Speed Load

Few people do not pay attention to website speed. Imagine you are a buyer when you visit a very long website, do you still feel like waiting?

Responsive Device

About 85% of the world’s population uses wordpress & themes for their personal websites. And the basic themes are not fully compatible with some devices. it needs to be optimized again

Daily Updates

In fact, this is very common to note. However, because few of the business owners do not understand how to operate so that they do not have enough time to do updates, it becomes an obstacle.

Marcus aurelius


Main Services

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is very much needed, it’s also to keep customers watching so they can still set the website’s ranking on Google searches.

Social Media Manager

Not only websites, everything needs continuity between platforms. You also need social media to increase traffic on your website & your sales. its about how much we put bait. agree?

Website Redesign

From some of our clients, very many, even 67% of our experience working on websites, really need a web redesign to improve & attract the appearance of the website.



Latest Project

The result will never show if not do small things right now.

– James Clear, Atomic Habits book

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